Parents, facilitators and organizations!

If you want more empowerment for yourself and for your kids or your team, learn how to build equitable & consent-based relationships with others and with yourself - this training is for you!

What is The Shift?

The Shift is a 7 day training for adults that want to challenge outdated and restraining beliefs and ideas around learning, power structures and relationships - and that want to understand how they’re all related.

We like referring to The Shift as a Descooling Intensive. Why? Because Deschooling is about the process of change that comes from walking away from systems that are limiting, harmful and disempowering. And that is what The Shift boils down to!

What’s it like?

During the span of a week, we focus on co-creating an intentional community built on consent, trust, authenticity and empathy. That’s the foundation for an optimal learning environment within which we all will unlearn and learn as much as we are ready for.

We do this through a lot of different dynamics, art of hosting-techniques, discussions and play.

We do have pre-planned content, but as a participant you’re invited to self-direct your experience and bring what you want to share with the group. What you put in is what you’ll get!

The purpose?

There are many things that hold our innate potential back. During The Shift we examine many of those things: mainly the limitations of our society and our own fear-based beliefs. Then we start developing tools that support us to reclaim our innate potential - and support our youth to do the same.

We practice how to build relationships based on equity, consent, authenticity and choice, and in doing so we set out on a new path towards radical learning and freedom.

Basically the purpose of The Shift is empowerment through liberation - for you and your kids!

What is deschooling?

To us it means that we need to question every limiting belief that has been imposed on us by society’s norms, the school system, our parents and other people that make us and our children smaller than we have the potential to be - in the way we think, talk, speak to ourselves and others and how we behave towards one another. 

It means actively taking responsibility for breaking patterns and habits of oppression, where we (knowingly or not) are using power over-dynamics with our fellow humans, animals and nature, and replacing them with tools that implement power with-dynamics instead. 

In other words, anything that disempowers us or others needs to go, and be replaced by thoughts, words and actions that empower ourselves and others. 

Our work as fellow deschoolers is mainly to do the inner work needed in order to make a real change that can have a true impact in our lives and relationships.

For us, the important thing in unschooling is really the understanding that our kids, more than anything, need us to do some serious work on ourselves. Because the cue for all growth, learning, development and evolution is the relationship we foster and co-create with them.