Do you sometimes feel like a failing parent?

Do you wish for your kids to be free, but keep getting into arguments about things like screen time?

Do you worry about their future, and want to offer them the best support - but fall into confusion around how much freedom is the “right amount”?

It’s not your fault!

Your vision might be to build consent-based and equitable relationships. Still you often end up in power struggles with your kids.

When that happens, it’s easy ending up feeling like failing adult. But you know what? None of this is really your fault!

You’re just caught in the space between your own values and ideas, and the patterns of outdated, authoritarian ways.

We empower parents

to support their kids’ learning, autonomy and freedom.

We do this by giving you the tools to:

  • Break generational cycles of power imbalance in relationships;

  • Heal from unhealthy relational patterns;

  • Co-create a new way of relating to and communicating with your kids.

If you want to build trusting relationships with your kids and support them to thrive, read on!

Join our online group coaching program Deeply Deschooling!

Do you want to gain more clarity in your unschooling life, feel more confidence in your parenting and develop more trust in your relationship with your kids?

DEEPLY DESCHOOLING is an online group coaching program for a limited number of parents who are committed to the deschooling process and are seeking support in navigating their fears and oxidized beliefs to deeply transform their relationship with their kids on their unconventional learning path.

Imagine what it would be like to finally:

Understand where your limiting beliefs & programmings come from and why it’s been so hard to change.

  • Center relationship, share power, communicate clearly & navigate conflicts with more ease.

  • Have more joy in your life & deepen your connection to the people around you (kids & adults alike).

Sounds too good to be true?… It’s not!

We know because we’ve done it and because we’ve had the privilege to support so many more to initiate this process. All it takes is openness, willingness and commitment to the process.

Are you ready?

We can’t wait to meet you!

Sari & Becka