Learning through relationships

Who are we & what’s important to us?

Hi! We’re Sari González and Becka Koritz: unschooling moms, youth liberation advocates, podcasters, parent coaches, facilitator trainers, consultants & founders of Radical Learning™.

Together we have 35+ years of experience supporting kids, adults & educational projects.

What do we support with?

We provide support at the intersection of unschooling, parenting, relationship & community building to support kids’ self-directed learning, autonomy and freedom.

We also run Explora ALC, an Agile Learning Community in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, advocating for children’s rights & freedom.

Taking part in the change

The world is changing, and we believe that in order for us to evolve as a society, we need to actively take part in that change. By naming and examining oxidized and limiting beliefs and practices that disempower our kids and others, we open up to new opportunities and tools for embracing connection and freedom.

Collective liberation work

We see unschooling and parenting as collective liberation work where we develop practices centered in not just youth rights, but also human rights, social justice and building trusting & equitable relationships. We believe that by honoring the dignity of every individual, we can create more authentic relationships and strengthen the fabric of our world.

Our commitment

In doing this work, we actively recognize our own privilege and power and commit to the dismanteling of all systems of oppression and ways of being that seek to demean, diminish, and oppress any and all people including: Black, Brown, Indigenous and other people of the Global Majority, as well as those that hold other marginalized identities such as 2SLGBTQI+, neurodivergent and disabled.

Sari González (she/they)

Having directed and facilitated two Agile Learning Communities (Cottonwood in NYC & Explora in Puerto Escondido, Mexico), Sari is passionate about youth liberation, social justice, community building, conscious parenting & equitable relationships, and works towards creating impactful and long lasting social change. She is the mama to an 8yr old unschooker and an experienced parent coach & trainer sought out and appreciated for her clear and practical focus.

Sari is a badass communicator and great at both conflict resolution and setting firm yet loving boundaries. She is a true defender of kids’ freedom, and always finds ways of advocating for their autonomy and independence. She has an amazing gift in creating intentional & conscious cultures. 

Becka Koritz (she/her)

Becka is an experienced teacher gone rogue, with an extensive and unique path within alternative education. Having grown up in the Montessori system in Sweden, she moved to Mexico in 2003 where she founded two Waldorf initiatives and Explora, Mexico’s first Agile Learning Center. Deeply committed to youth rights & liberation advocacy, Becka dedicates most of her time training parents, teachers and facilitators, and creating content for SDE families. She is the mama to a neurodivergent teenage unschooler.

Becka is a master at connecting the dots and sharing bounds of knowledge in impactful and meaningful ways that are changing the very fabric of the world we live in: she’s a catalyst. Her unique commitment and determination to advocate for youth liberation while supporting parents and facilitators in evolving their conscious communication is a fountain of inspiration.

Contact us!

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