Ready to shift?

Come join us on our Deschooling Journey through our many different offerings!

We offer 5 different options to choose from:

1) Listen to Radical Learning Talks our bi-weekly podcast for all folks interested in deschooling, unschooling and anything related!

2) Take our training The Shift: a 7 day long Descooling Intensive for parents, adults supporting youth, facilitators and folks who want to transform how to think about education, parenting & community.

If you want to gain more freedom in life and build equitable & consent-based relationships with others and with yourself - this training is for you!

3) Learn with us through our upcoming online courses where we guide you to let go of patterns and programmings that stand in the way of supporting you and your kids from living fully free lives.

Launching later this year:

Communication that Transforms Relationships (CTR)

Freedom to Learn

4) Join Deeply Deschooling - a small group coaching program for unschooling parents who are committed to the deschooling process and are seeking support in navigating their fears and oxidized beliefs to deeply transform their lifestyle and relationships with their kids.

5) Join our Facilitation Support - a coaching program for directors and facilitators who work in SDE environments and who want to deepen their facilitation skills and support learners to devlop autonomy & independance.

If you’re ready to start shifting things in your and/or your family’s life, don’t put it off.

We are ready for you!

Can you relate?

”I dislike society’s norms, but I don’t know how to step away from that kind of life.”

”I’m so done with arguing and fighting. I want to learn other ways.”

”Sometimes I feel like such a crappy partner/friend/parent.”

”I really want to offer my kids the freedom to learn, but I keep falling back into wanting to control them.”

”I feel that my kids and I are living a limited life. We should be free, but how do we get there?”

“I want to support self-directed learners, but I lack the confidence.”

“I feel lonely on the unconventional path I’ve chosen.”

We hear these things all the time! (We’ve even said them ourselves…)
We want to shift things in our life but feel stuck and disempowered, slipping into confusion, fear and control.
What you really need is a shift in perspective, tools and support.

We are here to help you.

Radical Learning Talks

A bi-weekly deschooling podcast for any parent or adult supporting youth interested in learning more about radically shifting the way we think about education, learning, deschooling, unschooling, neurodiversity, community and the importance of building equitable relationships grounded in deep respect for and informed consent with our kids.

The Shift is for you if you want to:

  • End power struggles and transform your relationships (kids & adults alike).

  • Understand how oppression shows up in your life and develop tools to live more freely.

  • Learn to build consent-based, trusting and authentic relationships.

  • Release fear of what others think of your parenting and/or beliefs & way of life.

  • Develop communication & conflict resolution tools.

  • Step away from conventional systems (i.e. school) with more confidence and ease.

  • Truly understand how we learn & how to support self-direct learning for yourself and for others.

  • Learn through play.

  • Get clarity on what deschooling is and/or how to deepen & have more confidence in your practice.

  • Experience agile tools & practices used to co-create intentional community & culture.

  • Be part of an emerging & awesome community.


May 3rd - 11th (rest days on the 6tth-7th) at ALC Mosaic, Charlotte (NC)

May 25th - June 1st (rest day on the 28th) in Boriké (Puerto Rico): a collaboration with My Reflection Matters and Cocos de Oro.

Check the tabs above for more information!

Join our online learning community if you:

  • Want to ditch power struggles and move into collaboration instead

  • Long for equitable relationships with your kids

  • Want to learn how to trust your kids

  • Long for your kids to fully trust you

  • Want to fully unschool but need more knowledge around how learning happens

  • Want to better support your unschooling kids

  • Want more tools around communication, conflict resolution and setting healthy boundaries

Join our group coaching program Deeply Deschooling if you are:

  • Seeking deep transformation in your lifestyle and relationships with your kid(s).

  • Confused about what deschooling means and how to navigate the process.

  • Unsure of what your role as an unschooling parent is.

  • Struggling to find a balance between supporting autonomy and setting boundaries.

  • Seeking to develop more collaborative, equitable relationships with your kid(s) and family.

  • Having trouble letting go of power & control.

  • Challenged in trusting your kid(s).

  • Worried about screwing up your kids’ future.

  • Anxious about hanging out with friends & family that hold different beliefs & approaches.

The Facilitation Support is for you if you want to:

  • Deepen your facilitation skills and have a better understanding of what self-directed learning is.

  • Develop new practices to shed oxidized beliefs & habits in order to be able to hold space for self-directed learners.

  • Support learners to develop autonomy & independence.

  • Learn to build consent-based, trusting and authentic relationships with learners, facilitators and parents.

  • Deepen your understanding of how an ALC operates and how to cultivate a culture of trust & appreciation.

  • Get support from a professional and experienced SDE-team.

Imagine what it would be like to finally:

  • Understand where your limiting beliefs & programmings come from and why it’s been so hard to change.

  • Center relationship, share power, communicate clearly & navigate conflicts with more ease.

  • Feel more confident in your non-conventional path.

  • Have more joy in your life & deepen your connection to the people around you (kids & adults alike).

Sounds too good to be true?… It’s not!

We know because we’ve done it and because we’ve had the privilege to support so many more to initiate this process.
All it takes is openness, willingness and commitment to the process.

Are you ready?

We can’t wait to meet you!

But wait! Have we met yet?

Hi! We’re Sari González and Becka Koritz: unschooling moms, podcasters, youth liberation advocates, parent & facilitator trainers & founders of Radical Learning™.

We assist unschooling parents & adults supporting youth in their deschooling journey, moving from control & fear based systems to those of trust & freedom.

Together we have 30+ years of experience working with kids, coaching parents and training facilitators.

We provide support at the intersection of unschooling, parenting, relationship & community building through various kinds of deschooling tools and resources for self-directed learning families and communities.

We also run Explora ALC, a pop-up Agile Learning Community in Puerto Escondido, advocating for children’s rights & freedom.

”​In the process of challenging my own views and my own set ways that have been conditioned, along with the tools we are given to work on these shifts, came out huge compassion and empathy. For myself, my journey, for everybody around me, for my relationships with my children. It was the medicin that was needed.
Also the shift in perspective that we’re not alone in this journey! There’s a beautiful global community ready and committed on this path. For all of us to meet in one space and know that we’re in it together, ready to grow together all over the world, was really, really beautiful.”


​I feel both grateful for and extremely satisfied with all the support I've received during The Shift (that I’ve taken twice!), the Deeply Deschooling program and the Facilitation Intensive. They are all experiences that have left me feeling fully alive, totally connected to myself and everyone else around me. I'm so grateful to finally have had the opportunity to experience true vulnerability, authenticity, curiosity, diversion, creativity and infinite play! Thank you Sari and Becka for guiding me in my process and showing me how to become free.


”I feel so incredibly grateful for all of the things I've learned from you during The Shift and all the support I've gotten through the Deeply Deschooling coaching program. It has been tremendously helpful.
I can see where I used to be, and where I am now, and it's such a different place. The deschooling work is so radical and requires so much courage that if I hadn't had all that support, I wouldn't have been in a good place right now. But I am because of everything I've learned!
Thank you so much!”


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