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SATURDAYS October 2024 - January 2025
9-11 am PST / 10-12 am CST / 17-19 CET

A group coaching opportunity for parents committed to the deschooling process who are seeking support in navigating their fears and oxidized beliefs to deeply transform their relationship with their kids.

Our mission

At Radical Learning™ we believe that relationships are the context in which learning takes place. Through authentic connection adults have an opportunity to cultivate deep learning in kids.

By challenging outdated views of learning and relating focused on outcome and production, and instead embracing new tools based on connection, communication and consent, we empower parents and educators to support the learning, autonomy and agency in young people. This is how we humanize the approach to learning!

Are you ready to work with us?

We have done it ourselves and have also had the privilege to support so many more in this process of growth and evolutions. All it takes is openness, willingness and commitment to the process.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Sari & Becka

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”​In the process of challenging my own views and my own set ways that have been conditioned, along with the tools we are given to work on these shifts, came out huge compassion and empathy. For myself, my journey, for everybody around me, for my relationships with my children. It was the medicine that was needed.
Also the shift in perspective that we’re not alone in this journey! There’s a beautiful global community ready and committed on this path. For all of us to meet in one space and know that we’re in it together, ready to grow together all over the world, was really, really beautiful.”

Lauralina Meléndez

​I feel both grateful for and extremely satisfied with all the support I've received during The Shift (that I’ve taken twice!), the Deeply Deschooling program and the Facilitation Intensive. They are all experiences that have left me feeling fully alive, totally connected to myself and everyone else around me. I'm so grateful to finally have had the opportunity to experience true vulnerability, authenticity, curiosity, diversion, creativity and infinite play! Thank you Sari and Becka for guiding me in my process and showing me how to become free.

Daniela Ruelas

”I feel so incredibly grateful for all of the things I've learned from you during The Shift and all the support I've gotten through the Deeply Deschooling coaching program. It has been tremendously helpful.
I can see where I used to be, and where I am now, and it's such a different place. The deschooling work is so radical and requires so much courage that if I hadn't had all that support, I wouldn't have been in a good place right now. But I am because of everything I've learned!
Thank you so much!”

Liz Neuenschwander

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