Hands-on deschooling support for parents

DEEPLY DESCHOOLING is a small group coaching opportunity for a limited number of unschooling parents who are committed to the deschooling process and are seeking support in navigating their fears and oxidized beliefs to deeply transform their lifestyle and relationship with their kids.


  • Seeking deep transformation in your lifestyle and relationships with your kid(s).
  • Confused about what deschooling means and how to navigate the process.
  • Unsure of what your role as an unschooling parent is.
  • Struggling to find a balance between supporting autonomy and setting boundaries.
  • Seeking to develop more collaborative, equitable relationships with your kid(s) and family.
  • Having trouble letting go of power & control.
  • Challenged in trusting your kid(s).
  • Worried about screwing up your kids’ future.
  • Anxious about hanging out with friends & family that hold different beliefs & approaches.
  • This is not about speed, this is about the process and doing deep work.
  • You will get out what you put in. In other words, the outcome will depend on your own efforts and commitment to the process.
  • Our hope is by the end of these sessions you will have shifted:
    • From confusion to more clarity in your unschooling process.
    • From insecurity to more confidence in your parenting.
    • From control to more trust in your relationships.


  • Meet live online 1x per month (for 2hrs).
  • Dive into reflection & accountability practices.
  • Share and hear personal stories to learn with and from one another.
  • Have access to a private online group where we build community, share resources, discuss the challenges we face and support each other in the process.
  • You also get one hour long private coaching session.

**Group size will be min 8, max 15 people.

Starting in October 1 Saturday per month (exact dates yet to be defined).

8 am - 10 am PST / 10 am - 12 pm CST / 11 am-1 pm EST / 17:00-19:00 CET

$150 USD/session ($900 for all sessions).

*** We do everything possible to meet participants where they are and supplement costs when supporting funds are available. By trusting participants to be generous and reasonable we increase our accessibility and the diversity of our group. If you need support with the cost, please indicate that in your registration form that will be sent out to you once you enroll.

Hi! We’re Sari González and Becka Koritz: unschooling moms, podcasters, youth liberation advocates, parent & facilitator trainers & founders of Radical Learning™.

We coach and train parents to deepen their deschooling work in order to free themselves of adultistic programmings that block consent-based and equitable relationships with their kids. 

It's deschooling work combined with our 30+ years of experience working with kids, coaching parents and training facilitators.

We provide support at the intersection of desc hooling, unschooling, relationship & community building through various kinds of deschooling tools and resources for parents.

We also run Explora ALCan Agile Learning Community in Puerto Escondido, advocating for children’s rights & freedom.