Time to evolve?

Are you running an alternative school and long for more congruence between the vision and values of your project and the everyday reality?

Do you feel that your project isn't that different from a conventional school, and you wish to see it develop into something freer and/or more innovative?

Boost your learning environment!

We know what it's like. You designed an alternative school to create something very different from the conventional school system. But as time goes by you realize that it's still very much like a "school".

Staff doesn't seem totally aligned with the vision/mission, and parents seem to merely see the project as a drop-off for their kids.

You long for a more authentic community, and wonder what happened to your vision and if it's possible to redesign or even transform your school?

We’ve been there…

We know the feeling and we also know it IS possible to realign an educational project and create more congruence with the original vision - or create a new one if that's what you want and what your organization needs. 

We work with the direction, staff and parents in self-directed educational projects in innovative and agile ways to help you and your team co-create a healthy learning environment where kids can grow, develop and thrive. 

We’re here to support you!

We help alternative educational projects build intentional culture centered around consent, co-creation and agility to better support all its community members (staff, kids and parents alike) and co-create a learning environment where kids learna at their highest potential.

We believe

That the starting point for an organization to evolve is a healthy relationship between all the members - kids and adults alike. The goal with our program is to help your organization replace non-functioning patterns with consent-based, trusting and authentic relationships where collaboration on all levels is the objective.

A healthy learning space can only exist when each individual feels accepted and supported. Through our years of experience we’ve come to understand the importance of building these relationships within the team of facilitators and with the parents, so we can keep building them with the kids.

The responsibility is ours. Are you up for doing the work?