We help turn your project into a thriving learning environment for kids! 
Are you running an alternative school and long for more congruence between the vision and values of your project and the everyday reality?

Do you feel that your project isn't that different from a conventional school, and you wish to see it develop into something freer/innovative?
Through trust-building methods we support
organizations and communities to develop:
Tools for understanding and supporting emotional intelligence, regardless of age. 
Tools for communication and connection through language that empowers youth, facilitators & parents.
Practices for co-creating a safe & healthy environment through authentic & consent-based relating practices.
This is for your organization if you: 
  • Feel that your team isn't always fully on board. 
  • Would like to have more trusting relationships between all staff members.
  • Need better tools for decision-making. 
  • Dream of a culture of co-creation.
  • Aim for a consent-based organization for all members (staff, kids and parents alike).
  • Would love to involve the kids more in the organization but are afraid of how much freedom is the "right" amount.
  • Wish you were certain that your project has unlocked its full potential.
  • Wonder how parents could be more involved.

We help alternative educational projects to build intentional culture centered around consent, co-creation & agility to better support all its community members (staff, kids & parents alike) and co-create a learning environment where kids thrive.
We offer you:
A taylored consulting experienced that consists of a mix of visits, observations, feedback and input, training & coaching sessions with staff and with parents, online follow-up calls, evaluations and much more. 
Part of the process entails recalibrating your vision and values and realigning it with your every day operations, making sure that they're not just empty words. 
We want to see you and your team walking the walk in a thriving organization where all the members, regardless of age, can develop to their full potential, grow, learn and thrive.