Do you want to develop your ability in working with youth?

Are you a facilitator looking for tangible support to deepen your confidence and facilitation skills?

Do you want to develop new practices to support self-directed learners in developing more autonomy and independence?

Are you eager to learn how to build consent-based and trusting relationships with learners and their parents?

Unlock your potential!

Chances are you're working in an SDE-center or micro school.

You might be a driven self starter that has opened up your own center/community. 

It's possible that you're transitioning from conventional teaching to facilitation in an SDE space.

In our experience there are a lot of dedicated people that do an amazing work with kids but that are longing for more confidence in their role as faciltiators.

We know what it’s like

We have experienced this reality ourselves. We know how inspiring and daunting it can be working with kids in radically new ways. Supporting them (and their parents!) on their self-directed journey can be challenging to say the least.

The vision is clear - but how do you make it happen?

This is why we decided to put together a Support Program specifically designed for SDE facilitators that want to deepen their facilitation skills.

We help you unlock your own potential so you can support kids to do the same!

Become a bad-ass facilitator!

Our Facilitation Support Program gives you clarity in your role as a facilitator and a solid confidence in your facilitation.

We help you unlock your full potential and equip you with powerful tools that help you build confidence and authentic relationships with both kids and parents. 

We believe

That the starting point for facilitating in a self-directed learning environment is always the relationship between the facilitators and kids. The goal with our program is to help you replace non-functioning patterns with consent-based, trusting and authentic relationships where collaboration - not obedience - is the objective.

A healthy learning space can only exist when each individual feels accepted and supported. That's why we believe that it's so important not only to understand the importance of doing this work on an intellectual level, but also face our responsibility as adults and focus on building the relationship with kids.

Kids that feel safe and accepted as they are, thrive in their explorations and learning.

"Big thanks to Sari and Becka for modeling for me what being “a facilitator” really means.
What a gift."

Jessica Seevers