Evolving together

Time for your community to learn and grow together?

Are you leading or part of an unschooling community  and feel there’s work to do?

Maybe you need to develop tools for decision making and conflict resolution?

Maybe all are not on the same page when it comes to how to think around, behave towards and talk to the young people in your community?

A healthy community

Being in community should entail a commitment to evolve both as individuals and as a whole.

It can be a process full of ease, joy and satisfaction, but it can also pose some real challenges that far too often lead to disappointments, toxicity and broken relationships.

We may carry beautiful visions, but if we don’t unlearn harmful ways of communicating and dealing with power, and learn new tools that are more in alignment with the visions, the community is not going to be a healthy one.

We got you!

We have many years of experience in community building. We know the common challenges and pitfalls, where communities tend to get stuck and fall into oppressive and disempowering dynamics.

We have developed a yummie toolbox with methods and processes that help realign a committed community with shared values and the vision.

We support you and your community to co-create a healthy and conscious culture where members of all ages can feel at ease as their authentic selves, and evolve together as a whole.  

We taylor your experience!

We have many cards up our sleeves, and can offer a variety of solutions to the situations you want to improve. We are an agile team and adapt to your wishes and needs at capacity.

Depending on what you need  we can taylor a mix of online prerecorded content, coaching, Q&A sessions and in person workshops and trainings.

If you’re interested in learning how we can best serve your community, please reach out at:
info AT radical-learning.org

We believe

That the starting point for a community to evolve is a healthy relationship between all the members - kids and adults alike. We help your community replace non-functioning patterns with consent-based, trusting and authentic relationships where collaboration on all levels is the objective.

A healthy community can only exist when each individual feels accepted and supported. Through our years of experience we’ve come to understand the importance of building these relationships within the adult members of a community, so we can keep building them with the kids.

The responsibility is yours. Are you up for doing the work?